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Posted by Tammy Ranay on October 25, 2012 at 11:10 AM



This fall do not fall into sadness. Hold no grim place in your heart, even those whom have had no assigned seat within the church, nor having had a relationship within what it is to be beyond illusion, of what is seen and unseen. Your relation to one another is present in this place. See within yourself the heart of another, sacred hearts are all related, for it is truth that the beat of this heart it is not to be felt and seen merely at the heart of religion. The heart goes beyond the minds comprehension of it's own conciousness connection. It is that within you that is sacred to the very fabric woven within your art of being, so be in joy. For that which has your heart held safe & sound, has so too moved these letters of your 'heart' around for the naming of the world in which you live, that which holds your existence here and now so dear, being that of the very (heart) of existence, the (earth) has been created with no lack of love, nor limitation to your ability to love within it. Do not beLIEve the lie that you are at the edge of this truth, nor that you are going to go past or around this truth. (You are at the heart of this truth) ... You can not drive past the presence of God when you are in the same car. Truth holds you adorned to this eARTh, and this truth is at the heART of each beautiful beat that is constant, comforting, certain, and safe in the sound art of us being here, and in our leaving. The heart of heaven is indeed yours. Don't let sadness take away what IS in your exIStence, that which is at the heart of you, even on your exit, it is within you that you still exISt, as you have, as are, and as you will be, always, and in all ways, changing within this beautiful art of exIStence. To die is just a (D)etour (I)n (E)xistence, and to live is to have (L)ife (I)n (V)ibrational (E)ternity, so please let all sadness see this joy, for joy is just another three letter word for God, and joy is all around you in this beautiful art of being, so go be love and be in joy... Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay




Posted by Tammy Ranay on October 21, 2012 at 10:25 AM


You ask where can I find the real God’s kingdom? My friend, it can be found today in the same place where your desire has first felt to seek it, and where it was first spoken to you in the science of it's sound, for the heart knows truth beyond all matter of mind, and all illusion the eye can see.


Truth has told it; that there is that which is seen and unseen, so it is that I can recommend a word or two; that of my own, and that in which I bring from home to comfort your curiosity. However, please understand yOUR conciousness connection to all things cosmic, and the very fabric of forever is fostered, even this nature in which we are woven by change, it is what is, and is constant within exIStence, and holds you adorned at the very heART of your being. It is not beyond yourself to know with certainty you are what is so loved at the heart of creation.


Your very presence is a present, a gift in the art of being, always, and in all ways. So in this time of your being here, (be in joy), for joy is just another three letter word for God, and the heart of heaven is indeed yours... Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay


Neither shall they say, lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17:21)



Posted by Tammy Ranay on September 29, 2012 at 2:50 PM


Hang in there, don't speak ill, screaming inside, God don't you love me?!


Don't dare you ever be defeated or doubtful enough to abort the journey.


You see it is simple to begin but God is looking with the greatest of love, for people who will not quit.


Keep going... It is for you to question everything in existence, even yourself, and even if you feel that you are already certain of the answers, be advised to keep going, keep looking, keep living, because so many times in actuality there is more then one correct answer, and it is real that the reality of truth has many tellers, and one son.


The time has never been more perfect to declare life dear, your words having power, speak it right and right now, change your words, and change your life.


Speak no more negative ill in any wonder, or lack of looking to see that God's (G)alactic (O)mnipresent (D)esign is perfect, and each storm comes to you with purpose, it will end right on time, in that time be accountable for your words. Don't waste your words waiting for good to happen, speak joy, and make no mistake that mercy is new every day, profess progress with praise that God's love is lasting, and lifting you up with no lack of new beginnings available to you in your lifetime.


Live this life limitlessly in love, and be in joy, for you are beloved beyond your belief.


I speak it openly and outward to others, I declare that I will finish my course with careful compassion, and in the appreciation of awareness of all things good they do not come without hurt. I am awake and my hope is heralded in being held, acknowledging that Christ's concernment is as the son, yet has shown brighter then any sun in lifting my life, my soul, and setting my spirit free from all that appears along the way of absolution.


In this absolution be my longing, my love to live, however death is not denied to debut along this journey, though it is what it has been before and what it will be again, to die is no more then a (D)etour (I)n (E)xistence. I hold dear to experience and endure my time to this existence, letting you know that as I am what IS in exIStence, so too true are you... Timeless.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 27, 2012 at 1:50 PM



Let go of societies expectations... Relaxation is at the heart of what you are, stress only comes about from a place of what you think you should be... stress takes you away from source, take notice of your organic self, that which is among this elemental skin, that which is the essence, that which acknowledges that you are aware, be sensitive to this place of inner voice, some may call it intuition, your intuitive know how, in which the first voice is the right voice, regardless of what society has told you is acceptable or not; this is how it works, you are not a design made to fit in or to accept anything, you are that which has the capability to create the environment, that which is going to create your own wellness, your own peace, your own happiness, and if that in turn inspires others, to be well and do well, to recognize relaxation is a reality of their form and that stress is the structure of what create disease, then they may recognize then the main character of stress, as found in expectations, and constant reaching for expedition, a condition of not allowing yourself to enjoy the art of being, not accepting what is.


A lot of our stress is only disguised fear, that which is born in believing we have to control all things, to be in control of that which is around us, to be in control of what is within us, that which is so far within you, that you cannot believe that it is you, that which is set out, and is the stepping out, of source, you're soul self, the continual comfort within the cosmos, brought about through your essential existence, knowing that in this place and in all places you do not have a soul, (you are a soul), what you have is a body, an elemental body made up of all elements of the stars, that which has your universal eyes able to look out into the heavens, to see the constant cosmic set reminders, that the marvels and manifestations of heaven are indeed yours, you being that which is in the universe and the universe being that which is within you, making up each manifested molecule of your being; of this body.


When this body of your being disappears within your destinational design, so does your fears, understanding from which fear has arose, fear is of time itself, and time it is a man made manifestation... Putting days to months, and minutes to hours.


*An illusion that can be broken down to three parts:


Time = Fear = Scarcity ... which is only a survival program, though in actuality the true you, in TR(U)TH, is that you are not of time, you are what is truly timeless, a marvel of manifestation, destination and distance, the development of design itself, the essence of what is essential, through the expansion of existence, by the method of manifestation among our e-motions ....please understand.... knowing this, now breathe, let go of societies expectations, and relax, this is a message for the relocation, in your realization, that in reality you are relaxation, it is at the heart of what you are, the calm breath of what you are, what you have been, and what you will be, always. So whomever and wherever you may be, know that you are at home in all places, so just be, and be in joy... as joy is just another three letter word for God.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 26, 2012 at 5:40 PM


Caffeine is a bitter, crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a stimulant drug. In plants, caffeine functions as a defense mechanism. Found in varying quantities in the seeds, leaves and fruit of some plants, caffeine acts as a natural pesticide that paralysis and kills certain insects feeding on the plant. When we as human beings take in caffeine, it causes your heart rate to increase, your pupils to dilate, your muscles to tighten up and dehydrates the body.



Many of us feel like we cannot function without our first cup of coffee in the morning, or maybe it's the soda pop you crave, some people flock to the energy drinks that not only have an overdose of caffeine but also a crazy amount of sugars, but for most it is the addiction to coffee, we feel we must have it! So why do we feel that way? Does the caffeine in the coffee have a physiological effect?



Most people believe that coffee or caffeine products such as soda pop and energy drinks give us energy, wake us up, or can keep us awake with energy, (THIS IS WRONG), very wrong, here are the facts.... When you wake up your nervous system comes about it's wakefulness, in a naturally smooth series among your body structure, that is defined by the presence of a special type of cell, among the elements of your body; this is the neuron (sometimes called "neurone" or "nerve cell"). When you don't let it do it's job NATURALLY, in the action of ingesting a caffeine substance, you are literally SHOCKING YOUR SYSTEM with the caffeine substance, that causes your body to tighten up your muscles, and puts stress on the greatest muscle of your body (THE HEART), by consuming caffeine you've just started the day by immediately stressing out your heart... your nervous system and that is why people notice a surge of what they think is energy, (BUT IT IS NOT), it is a panic from your nervous system trying to fight off the substance you have just ingested that actually strips you of your natural energy, and causes you to crash later, caffeine users know that crash feeling, when your body has fought off all the caffeine and is trying to recuperate.


By consuming caffeine you are actually causing harm to yourself, caffeine causes many health and behavioral problems such as: *Restlessness *Irritability *Anxiety *Headaches *High Blood Pressure *Heartburn *ADHD *Emotional Ups & Downs (bi-polar behavior) and it messes with your hormones, your sleep cycle and even your weight!


Represented in this (art)icle image is Caffeine; the information of the main crystals of caffeine were 400-500 microns long; however, this crystal group formed on the end of the larger crystal and measures around 40 microns in length. This is the magnified image, though it has been magnified it has not been color enhanced or photo shopped. As you can see the caffeine crystalline form is quite beautiful when looked at in the eyes of an art perspective, however it is not a beautiful substance on the subject of living a healthy and happy life. In closing the proof is positive that caffeine is not your friend, it is your foe.



The publishing of this (art)icle is in the effort to inform and help others to make better decisions on the subject of their well being... because if you know better, you do better, and I want you to be well and be in joy.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 25, 2012 at 2:50 PM


My eyes are on you, and my mind marked, and moved to make my mouth speak to all people, though especially to the people who drive around with denial, displaying bumper stickers on their cars that still say remember 9-11... though you are too lazy to investigate. The truth is in the information, it is not that of conspiracy or that of a theorist, it is in the facts available, and we have failed as a nation to acknowlege it, to the point of fear in the facing of our aggressors.


So you still say 9-11 we remember, 9-11 never forget, yet who has pushed for the punishment of the homegrown terrorists, those who funded, and approved the killing of over 3,000 of their own U.S. Citizens in New York, a sacrificial profit, later killing even more of their own U.S. Citizens by suiting them up as soldiers.


Why are these people your leaders? Why do we let them remain free.... free to take more lives and liberties, free to collect their many inflated pay checks, to their many bank accounts, when they are to be held for punishment, without payment... Why are so many men and women getting in line to serve them and their agendas? *Please before serving your country; first learn who your government is serving.


So many service men & women are sent off not in fighting for freedom but to die in mass numbers, and or to kill others and cause fear that stirs up terror and the fighting back of people whom are being shot at and surrounded, all the deaths are adding up to way more then the 3,000 whom originally were killed that day on 9-11, our U.S. Solders some knowing and some unknowingly, have been fighting the wrong people, in the wrong places, and fighting against what we are fighting for. Peace is not won by war, it is won in our resistance to those who wage war.


*Ask yourself who profits from war? ...There in, is the answer to the question and to seeing the trail that leads to the real terrorists.


Know this, men with so little means, who take cover in caves; do not have the bank accounts that drop towers with ability to fund operations with military minded precision... Follow the money trail or how about just following what is obvious... Tower 1, was seen being hit by a plane and fell.... Tower 2 was seen being hit by a plane and fell... (Tower 7 was NOT hit by a plane, and still fell.) *Because all three were precise pre-planned acts of demolition. The government seeing their options as such, that if you're going to stage a false flag terror attack and cover paper trails and all in an effective effort to promote war for more profit; it might as well be placed in their own backyard, having it take place in NYC. Then there is no one to answer to other than the public.



Now ask yourself this question: What was in the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7...??? * Answer: Bank Headquarters, Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Companies, All DOCUMENTS and People GONE, no trace... no trail... and no trial.



When we truly acknowledge, and with do importance, as to what it is we are to truly remember, then we will see together it is up to us to do more then just remember... It is up to us to see and seize the time to investigate, interrogate, and to point out the proper people responsible and hold them accountable.


It is up to you to push for the truth, or else the false authority that stands over you, that which is our failing government, with their sacrificial blood stained hands, their lies will become your reality. When in reality they seek to control you, because you are what in reality holds the power, it is all in your choice, all in what you are willing to accept and for how long, it is up to you to reach the choice point, that you will no longer accept and allow what is not natural law.


Now because we have failed to care enough to see and truly remember, to acknowledge the truth together, to pursue prosperity of all people, and peace in all places, because we have not been brave enough go beyond the concerns of or own homes, in our hiding behind our own four walls and the pacified placement of ribbons and the many remember 9-11 stickers, all stuck to the safety of our own shinny cars.... (Now it is going to happen again!) * More homegrown terror, more innocent lives taken; in a sweep of sacrificial service, serving the needs of a few, those whom you still stand to call your leaders, those in which you still stand in line; to vote for.



PLEASE::::::: See when we realize we do not need the government, and that it is truly the government who needs us, "the people", then we truly can become the home of the free, because we stood up and became the home of the brave, in rising up together against our false leaders, by putting an end to our corrupt and failing government, by no longer allowing their controlled attempts with our acceptance of it, ACCEPT IT NO MORE and we will be free, because they are those who have hindered, and hidden in places, though they have been held up in plain sight, and respected without reason, without right and supported for what we have allowed upon us, and for too long ... it is us all, EACH ONE, with the power of what we allow, and what we have allowed from these false leaders; has been for too long!


Go forward seeing things as this, it is up to you, no one is coming to save you, you are it, we are the ones we have been waiting for, (it is up to you, and me, together.) Go forward no longer thinking and saying God Bless America.... NO! .... *It is for us to say: God Bless The Whole World, that is the mentality of people who truly bring and hold the prosperity, peace and freedom, to the people, for the people, by the people and without prejudice.


Do not go forward thinking what can I do? It's just me, or thinking were just a small group of people... What can we do, what can we really change? *Never doubt the ability of people to come together for change, for it is when we as small groups stand together in making us that which is seen as one large group that real change is brought about. This is what brings change.... In our history it is all that ever has. So Go... Go Now... Go Be The Change In The World... or else you will be changed by the world.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 19, 2012 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)


It's No Delusion That The Illusion Of This Reality Is Made Real When We Understand EVERYTHING IS SOUND, And That You And I Are Of Sound Mind.


I know that religious texts and references can scare people off, so I will say this, what references are made here between the lines are in the representation of the connection that exists among all faiths and not of one religion.


"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God". This profound statement in the New Testament is the ultimate basis for the power of harmonious vibration as a great healing force in the world. The Word is still a mystery but scientists are drawing closer to its reality. In a recent article in The Independent it was reported that scientists have recorded the music of creation using an instrument that can, in effect go back to the origin of creation. They have detected harmonic notes, minute ripples of sound that became the seeds of matter forming stars, galaxies and solar systems. Thus the beginning of our existence was through vibration. The very word 'vibration' begins with the symbol V which, when repeated, actually represents sound waves. That a fundamental vibration created our world is alluded to in Genesis where God created through his voice - "And God said, 'Let there be light and there was light." The simplest definition of creation is 'movement' but not just random movement but vast multi-layered patterns of vibration which physicists would call 'frequencies' or rates of vibration.


What is vibration which when made audible as in music becomes sound? It is the pull of two opposing forces in the universe for without opposites creation runs down. On the one hand is the force we call 'stillness' as found in meditation, for example. Yet however deep this stillness movement can still be detected. On the other is the force that moves outward (as in e-motion) and desires to take action and endlessly create new things. This interplay is the source of all vibration which encompasses both the audible and inaudible worlds.


On this basis every human being is the offspring of the original Word which contains all possibilities. We are riding on the crest of this fundamental vibration and if we could feel its full impact at all times we could be fully realized persons - person = per sonare =through sound. There is a school of Indian philosophy that, in fact, states that the nature of consciousness is pulsation or throb. That is why the sound of AUM given to us by the Hindus and pronounced as OM is such a sacred vibration. It represents the beginning (Alpha) and the end (Omega) and the many (the wide open mouth of O = the universal self) and the one (the closed mouth of M = the individual self). In Latin we have OMnes meaning 'all' and from 'all' we have the sacred sounds of ALLah, ALLeluia and even ALLow.


If the universe is this finely tuned multitude of vibration frequencies, then using the principle of 'as above, so below, each of us is the same. An example of this is the propeller. When at rest we see four individual blades but when it is at full speed we see what looks to be a solid object. So to move to a higher dimension of existence is to vibrate at ever higher frequencies. This is the nature of the universe. Then the essence of sound healing is the re-tuning of the human instrument, correcting at whatever level those frequencies which have become weakened or gone out of tune. This is done on the basis of resonance, be it sympathetic vibrations or the power of forced resonance. Basically, whatever part of us that is ailing can be awakened by harmonious sound sources and remember at what frequency it should be vibrating. This can occur at the physical level (from cells to muscles to organs), the subtle level (changing negative psychology) and the causal level (create permanent positive changes in one's nature).


It is no accident that doctors tell us that we are in 'sound health' or 'of sound mind.' The medical profession is, to some extent, using sound therapy. For example, the application of ultrasound in the treatment of sciatica. At a higher level spiritual teachers initiate people into meditation through the sound of a mantra. Here the creation of vibration works in reverse. First there is the form (the mantra) which then it turns into a wave and finally into a pulse. Same to the creation of bodily form giving shape to living water, the living water a place being of molecular memory, our body of water being formed by sound and made up from every element of the stars, giving your soul self, your light body of consciousness a place to harbor. Understand the elemental body wears down; as all elements do. So you see your elemental body is your garment and we all know garments wear out, it's up to you to take good care of your body to be well as long as you can in this form, for when the elemental body dies the soul self releases it's light body of consciousness weighing 21 grams / 0.0462970751 pounds. In knowing this you come to acknowledge that you do not have a soul... ("you are a soul"), and in this place you have a body.


This world is a beautiful place in which you came to experience this density and create, know that our e-motions set things in motion here and shape our world... so be in joy and take care.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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The earths vibration plays all that is music, and the key is recognizing the tone and tuning yourself into the frequency. Then you can see the love that lives in you and all living things, of all forms, and how that love exists even through all troubles, may you see your way through all obstacles clearly, as they (B Minor) among your souls song, you are what is safe and sound, "so be in joy".


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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Thoughts, that which gives rise to another, thoughts that which is always coming and going, is there that which is ever really still?.... and if so what is that which is present?




Each element, and every particle of creation, has intelligence in it. This manifested matter of unseen inspiration, that which gives life to what your awareness can see, seen within your universal eyes, that which is, as you are, as you have been, and as you will be... always. No grave was ever intended for the spirit of awareness, only for that of the elemental body.


Awareness that which is, and is you, seen and unseen, in our consciousness connection, our awareness of self, the soul self, the light body of consciousness, that which harbors this elemental body, that which was made in the creation of all unseen inspiration, coming forth to elemental design, for experiences in the flesh, that which is essential among our existence, and spiritual evolution, in the expansion of the universe, in our essence of engineering, that which is exceeding in our emotions.


You see all of what matters among the manifestation of all creation... *That which is ....(is).... and is you.


Love being really all that matters, and love is joy, and joy is just another 3 letter word for God. This is the gift in being present... That which regardless of place or time, will find itself still in awareness, and aware that love is all that matters.


In light of this, go be love and be in joy.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 6, 2012 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (2)


If they could see that their own light is as bright as my own, if they could see me for what I am, it would be then that they too would know as one what they are, what we are, what I am; and then I know it would be certain in that moment that they would love as I love; as I love them, as I the stars in the universe, I am, and I see you. Understand that who we are is different than from where we are. I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate a connection as if it were to be; that by chance your hand may be placed upon my skin, that you would be to me as my own hand, for the oneness that results in the beats of my heart; that beats as your heart does, so intimate and so unified is our essential existence here, deny whatever has you to think we are so seemingly separate from one another; for we are what is so truthfully together.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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Despite what we've been told that were born alone and that we die alone, I promise that this couldn't be any farther from the truth. Even if in your life you lived alone or prefered to be alone, you have not and will not journey alone. You were most certainly not alone upon entering this world, you were surrounded by those seen and unseen, those who assisted and adorned you in your transition and those who waited eagerly to see you enter this world, ones who loved you before they saw your face and for others it was the one's who came to love you by being in this place. You have not journeyed to this place alone, in this way you also do not die alone, your body made of the elements from the stars and the waters of this Earth, carried by the codings of your parents, the predetermined design of your DNA codings for your elemental body that was made to experience this system, it was then worn as a record keeper garment but the time will come that this garment will be damaged or rather wear out as all garments do and the elemental body will be left behind; and your soul self / your light body of conciousness is greeted and transitioned from this system in which you are never truly alone. Do not let memory veils fool you from existing of this dimension, don't fall victim to fear or fall into believing that what we see by the flesh of our own hands while here in this place, that we could ever have but one life in which we are born alone and die alone... That is false. Though it is true that we have this one life because you existed then, as you exist now and there will not be a time that you cease to be and it's important to know that WE DO NOT JOURNEY ALONE.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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The big topic this month in science is the research done in search of the God Particle. I will not argue against the existence of known particles and what has yet to be discovered, as existence is exceeding to expand with creation of new particles all the time. However: The search of the God Particle is progeny of collective consciousness.


You can call it in effective whatever you like because in actuality, it is what is all names and yet nameless. Called about as Christ Consciousness, God, Creator, The Light Of The World, etcetera.


Consciousness is not a particle, it cannot be crushed, nor deteriorate, only transferable from one place, to another, from one form, to another. To shed a single photon of light on the subject, the light body of the soul self, what you truly are, while here in this place you feel it, and most morn their loss sight of it, from the time of their birth to this place but it is not lost in this universal space, it is here, as you are here, bound by the frequency that harbors you of elemental body here, as such your passing here is just that, as your birth here was not your beginning, nor is this your end, only the death of the borrowed body, the manifestation of body made of elements, a garment worn but not your place of origin, this does not mean that your origins exist in some vacant space, absent from the minds of the collective conscious inhabitants of the universe... No Never... it's a unity, a collective, we are one.


Where there is life, there is consciousness, and if there’s one thing Physicists and Cosmologists on this planet can agree on, it’s that life is ridiculously abundant across the cosmos. That is a universal understanding.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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Love opens all doors, no matter what you've been shown, no matter your accumulated minutes of hurt, no matter how closed the doors of the heaviest hearts may seem, no matter how weak from lack of use. Your work is the unity in the universe, to open all doors that have been closed regardless of time. Have patience and tolerance. Love saves every life that gets caught up in small whirlwinds, the whirlwinds that ones self has manifested into hurricanes. Love is the only thing that ever lifts the darkest man from the deepest grave. Reintegrating the heart with the essence of existence. (Share) and stand strong in your light, it shines light on others who have been blinded by their own; and have forgotten how they shine, open your heart all the time.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 5, 2012 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (1)


The Helix Spitzer Nebula, The Universal Eye, A Reminder That Our Minds Eye Is Not A Destination, Merely A Passing Place Of Entry To The Point Of Seeing With A Universal Eye, That Which Is Found Within Ourselves And Others, That In Which We See As We Are, Among All Things. Moving Past The Place Of Asking (WHO AM I).


In Seeking Such Things, Are You Seeking To Be Convicted Or Convinced? Your Soul Seeing Only What It Is Prepared To Comprehend, Needing No Conviction And Having All That Is Required In Convincing, For All Things Come To All Those, And In Their Own Time.


Ever Expanding And Extending Our Universe, With Universal Hearts, From Our Own Places Of Emotion. In This Place You Don't Have To Make Up My Mind, There Is No Place Of Doubt Here... Here Being A Place Through And Past The Minds Eye, Somewhere That Begins When Your Nerve Cells Can Recognize The Flow Of Thought Is Everywhere, In All Things, And Certain That Your Awareness Is Not A Reserved Right Of The Mind, Nor A Soul Purpose Placed To The Minds Physical Position.


Secrets Be Told In Universal Understanding, The More You Relinquish The Power Over Control, Releasing It, The More Powerful The Universe Allows You To Become, In Such A Way That You Do Not Lot It Over Others. In This Understanding You No Longer Suffer From The Anxieties Of Having To Control Everything, At All Times.


I Urge Seeing Without The Eyes, You Will Feel It There, The Place In Which All Things Flow, The Heart Of All Your Questions, They Are There Within You, So Patiently Waiting To Be Discovered. Please Be Not Too Busy To See That You Are All The Answers, The Answers To Which Is Above, Is Below, Bestowed To You Ability And To Understand This; There Was Never Anything To Control, Powers Being Of Better Purpose.


In Light Of This, You Being What Is Able Of Obtaining Within The Universe, As Both You And The Universe Be, The Power Of The Universe Will Come To You, The Universe Trusting As You Trust, And The Universe Saying Let's See What You Can Do, You Being Of A Place Knowing Power Is Of Better Purpose, Not One Of Control Or The Lack There Of, Only Trust In What Is, Because It Is, It Has Been And Will Be, As You Have Been, As You Are, And You Will Continue To Be, Always A Wonderful Wanderer Along The Evolution Of Existence.


Know This: That Which Is - Is Of Your Emotion ... Is This Not You? ... Are You Excluded Of This? ... NEVER. What Have You Been Taught To Believe Is You? What Have You Been Taught To Believe You Are Not? Learn To Think For Yourself, Rather Then Learning To Think What You Have Been Taught. Let Lessons Go That Hinder And Withhold You. Moving Forward Is Possible When Letting Go Of What Has Held You In The Past, These Things No Longer Serve You. You Being Free, Without Limitations, There Being No Boundaries, Other Then The Ones You Have Placed On Yourself.


Again You Ask (WHO AM I)?


You... Your Origins Of Your Awareness Being Of One Volumed Accommodation, A Home Without Four Walls, A Suburb Without Set Station, You Being One Of The Many Pieces That Builds All Places In Existence, YES, You Are That Important. Irreplaceable, Loves Proclivity In Persistence Of Perfection, An Emerging Existence So Essential, So Beautiful, You Are Accounted For And Adorned, Alone NEVER, You Are What Is Never Lost Or Left To Wander Alone.


Do You Still Question Where Your Place Of Seeing Comes From, Truly? Did You Look With Your Own Eyes, Can You See Yourself In The Eyes Of Others? Have We Not All Asked The Questions Of Existence, When We Are The Answer, See Such Questioning As This: "Is It Not Silly For What Is The Answer To Ask The Question?"


Decide Then To Think All Things Through, What A Conceptual Method Of Being In The Art Of Existence. You Can Not Take Enough Data Into Consideration On The Subject Of Your Existence Because The Data In Any Given Situation Of Your Essence Among Yourself As An Entity Is Infinite.


In Knowing This, You No Longer Have To Hold A Questioning Of: "Do I Really Want To Live Forever?" ... The Answer Is That You Have Been And Continue To Do So! Regardless Of What Form You Take Or What Identity Has Been Placed Upon You, In This Place And Time, Regardless Of These Identifications Having Been Placed There By Others Or By Yourself, You Are Not These Things, You Are What Is Undefinable, Always In A Constant State Of Change, There Being No Constant Identity To Define You Among All Things... Because You Are That Which "Is" And Remains Always... And Always Forever Changing.


In Closing, Ask Yourself Now: "Who Am I"?... You Are The Awareness Of What Is, What Has been, And What Will Be, So However You Be, I Hope You Will Be It In Joy.


Lots Of Love To You, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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You do not need an invitation to shift your allegiance from the activities of your mind to the eternal presence of your being. The truth of who you are is yours already. The truth of who you are can not be thought because it is the source of all thoughts. The truth of who you are can not be named or defined. Words like soul, light, God, truth, self, consciousness, universal intelligence or divinity, while these words lead to thoughts that are capable of evoking the bliss of the truth, they are grossly inadequate as a description of the immensity of who you truly are.


However you identify yourself... as a mother, father, child, sister, brother an older person, a younger person, a healthy person, a person struggling, a person suffering or an enlightened person... always behind all of that is the truth of yourself, it is not far into you, it is so close that you can not believe that it is you. The truth of who you are is untouched by any concept of who you are regardless of enlightened, ignorant or feeling of worthlessness or grand, the truth of who you are is free of it all, you are already free and all that blocks your realization of that freedom is your own attachment to some thought of who you are, this thought doesn't keep you from being the truth of who you are, you already are that, it separates you from the realization of who you are. I invite you to let your attention guide you to who you are 'really'.


Are you some image that appears in your mind, are you some sensation that appears in your body, are you some emotion that passes through your mind & body, are you something that someone else has said you are, or are you the rebellion of something that someone has said that you are??? These are some of the many avenues of mis-identification, all of these definitions come and go, the truth of who you are does not come and go, it is present before birth, through out a lifetime and after death. To discover the truth of who you are is not only possible, it is your birth right, any thoughts that this discovery of existence is not for you or that now is not the time, that you are not worthy, your not ready or that you know who you already are, then I say please take that thought and see what validity it really has and take time for the most important question you can ever ask yourself, (who am I)?


Unless this question is truly answered for what the question is the source of and not just conventionally answered, you will still be hungry to know because no matter how you have been defined by others, well meaning or not and no matter how you have defined yourself, no definition can bring lasting certitude.


The moment of recognizing that no answer has ever satisfied this question is crucial and often referred to as the moment of spiritual rightness, the moment of spiritual maturity, at this point you can consciously investigate who you really are, in it's power and it's simplicity, the question, (who am I), throws the mind back to the root of personal identification, the basic assumption that I am somebody, rather then automatically taking that assumption as truth, you can investigate deeper, it is not difficult to see that this initial thought I am somebody leads to all kinds of strategies to be a better somebody, to be a more protected somebody, a somebody with more pleasure, more comfort or more attainment but when this very basic thought is questioned the mind encounters the ( I ) that which is soon to be separate from what it has been seeking, this most basic question (who am I) is the one that is most overlooked.


We spend most of our days telling ourselves or others that we are someone important, or someone unimportant, someone big, someone small, someone young, someone old, a teacher, a cashier, a doctor, a friend, never truly questioning the most basic assumption, (who are you really) and how do you know that is who you are... is that true... really?


When you turn your attention to the question who am I, perhaps you will see an entity that has your face and your body (but who is aware of that entity)::: (are you the object) or (the awareness of that object)?


The object comes and goes, the identification as a child, mother, father, friend, the lover the abandoned one, the victorious one or the defeated one, these identifications all come and go, the awareness of these identifications is the only thing that is always there, never coming or going, always present.


The mis-identification of yourself as some object in awareness leads to extreme pleasure or extreme pain and endless cylces. When you are willing to stop the mis-identification and discover directly and completely that (you are the awareness itself) and not these impermanent definitions, the search for yourself is found, when the question (who) is followed innocently & purely, all the way back to it's source, there is a huge astounding realization that there is no entity there at all, there is only the indefinable, boundless recognition of yourself as inseparable from anything else, you are free, you are one, you are whole, you are endless, there is no boundary to you.


Any idea about yourself appears in you and will disappear back into you. You are awareness and awareness is the consciousness connection. Let all self definitions go, now in this moment just let them go and see what remains and feel the relief of laying down the burden of defining yourself, experience the joy that is there and rest in the peace of your true nature, all before any thought of I arises, you are your true self, the awareness, the collective consciousness connection, that is the universal truth that is available to you and is you. Be in joy.


 Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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In the instant that it came to you, so may it also go... when it does; do not be afraid, 'let it go', it is there in this place that we make way for something new, a promise among an ever changing existence, essential as you are; 'ever changing', regardless of your present or your later place & time, you will keep going on, as you are, as you have been, and always will be... this is the one thing that can not change, that you are ever changing among the art of existence, an art so simple, yet so brilliant of being; so as you be, and will be, be it in joy.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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Never underestimate the power of one knowing -vs- believing for knowing all are ageless, regardless of their number here in this place, one can then acknowledge that age is not an indicator of wisdom or told by looking at one's face because all people are of every element here within this water and such as water in the similar effect of when water is only looked at, the measure of it's depth can be deceiving.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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Question: How can one prove that Yoga is of peace and not a religion...

Answer: No one has ever fought a war over Yoga.

Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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You are here in this place of your own free will, for the purpose of your spiritual evolution and to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are. You are here. At each stage of our evolution we have pushed our universe further, always finding our way and finding ourselves in places of purpose among the expanding cosmos. Your existence being essential and your purpose being known in a place that keeps no time... for you are what is timeless. For now your being is born of elemental body for living among a planetary system that is a keeper of time and in this place it is time to be in joy... You are here.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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The universal heart lives, existing within you, always having room for further perfection of love itself, that is beauty, you are this beauty, finding endless ways to perfect that love, the love you give and love you receive. You do not need to look for things that make you feel safe, you already are what is safe in all places, you are this and forever will be, regardless of the dimension of your being, your being safe is surmountable in your free will to let go of taught control, to see the unlimited freedom that is yours. Love requires nothing more of ourselves then to make room for love that lives, as is, as you are, this that is allowed within you, that which was received may also be given, through you, around you, expanding and extended to all things. The universal heart lives.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay