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Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 5, 2012 at 5:55 PM


The Helix Spitzer Nebula, The Universal Eye, A Reminder That Our Minds Eye Is Not A Destination, Merely A Passing Place Of Entry To The Point Of Seeing With A Universal Eye, That Which Is Found Within Ourselves And Others, That In Which We See As We Are, Among All Things. Moving Past The Place Of Asking (WHO AM I).


In Seeking Such Things, Are You Seeking To Be Convicted Or Convinced? Your Soul Seeing Only What It Is Prepared To Comprehend, Needing No Conviction And Having All That Is Required In Convincing, For All Things Come To All Those, And In Their Own Time.


Ever Expanding And Extending Our Universe, With Universal Hearts, From Our Own Places Of Emotion. In This Place You Don't Have To Make Up My Mind, There Is No Place Of Doubt Here... Here Being A Place Through And Past The Minds Eye, Somewhere That Begins When Your Nerve Cells Can Recognize The Flow Of Thought Is Everywhere, In All Things, And Certain That Your Awareness Is Not A Reserved Right Of The Mind, Nor A Soul Purpose Placed To The Minds Physical Position.


Secrets Be Told In Universal Understanding, The More You Relinquish The Power Over Control, Releasing It, The More Powerful The Universe Allows You To Become, In Such A Way That You Do Not Lot It Over Others. In This Understanding You No Longer Suffer From The Anxieties Of Having To Control Everything, At All Times.


I Urge Seeing Without The Eyes, You Will Feel It There, The Place In Which All Things Flow, The Heart Of All Your Questions, They Are There Within You, So Patiently Waiting To Be Discovered. Please Be Not Too Busy To See That You Are All The Answers, The Answers To Which Is Above, Is Below, Bestowed To You Ability And To Understand This; There Was Never Anything To Control, Powers Being Of Better Purpose.


In Light Of This, You Being What Is Able Of Obtaining Within The Universe, As Both You And The Universe Be, The Power Of The Universe Will Come To You, The Universe Trusting As You Trust, And The Universe Saying Let's See What You Can Do, You Being Of A Place Knowing Power Is Of Better Purpose, Not One Of Control Or The Lack There Of, Only Trust In What Is, Because It Is, It Has Been And Will Be, As You Have Been, As You Are, And You Will Continue To Be, Always A Wonderful Wanderer Along The Evolution Of Existence.


Know This: That Which Is - Is Of Your Emotion ... Is This Not You? ... Are You Excluded Of This? ... NEVER. What Have You Been Taught To Believe Is You? What Have You Been Taught To Believe You Are Not? Learn To Think For Yourself, Rather Then Learning To Think What You Have Been Taught. Let Lessons Go That Hinder And Withhold You. Moving Forward Is Possible When Letting Go Of What Has Held You In The Past, These Things No Longer Serve You. You Being Free, Without Limitations, There Being No Boundaries, Other Then The Ones You Have Placed On Yourself.


Again You Ask (WHO AM I)?


You... Your Origins Of Your Awareness Being Of One Volumed Accommodation, A Home Without Four Walls, A Suburb Without Set Station, You Being One Of The Many Pieces That Builds All Places In Existence, YES, You Are That Important. Irreplaceable, Loves Proclivity In Persistence Of Perfection, An Emerging Existence So Essential, So Beautiful, You Are Accounted For And Adorned, Alone NEVER, You Are What Is Never Lost Or Left To Wander Alone.


Do You Still Question Where Your Place Of Seeing Comes From, Truly? Did You Look With Your Own Eyes, Can You See Yourself In The Eyes Of Others? Have We Not All Asked The Questions Of Existence, When We Are The Answer, See Such Questioning As This: "Is It Not Silly For What Is The Answer To Ask The Question?"


Decide Then To Think All Things Through, What A Conceptual Method Of Being In The Art Of Existence. You Can Not Take Enough Data Into Consideration On The Subject Of Your Existence Because The Data In Any Given Situation Of Your Essence Among Yourself As An Entity Is Infinite.


In Knowing This, You No Longer Have To Hold A Questioning Of: "Do I Really Want To Live Forever?" ... The Answer Is That You Have Been And Continue To Do So! Regardless Of What Form You Take Or What Identity Has Been Placed Upon You, In This Place And Time, Regardless Of These Identifications Having Been Placed There By Others Or By Yourself, You Are Not These Things, You Are What Is Undefinable, Always In A Constant State Of Change, There Being No Constant Identity To Define You Among All Things... Because You Are That Which "Is" And Remains Always... And Always Forever Changing.


In Closing, Ask Yourself Now: "Who Am I"?... You Are The Awareness Of What Is, What Has been, And What Will Be, So However You Be, I Hope You Will Be It In Joy.


Lots Of Love To You, ♥ Tammy Ranay


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