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Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 19, 2012 at 1:20 AM




Do you ever have this happen, because time and time again it's replaying itself out to me, waking up in the middle of the night, you look over at the clock and it's the same time you woke up the night before and the night before that. You wake up to look at the numbers as if it were on perfect que, yet no alarm has been set.


Well... last night it happened to me again. This time after I seen the hour and minute, 5:25am exact, I decided to sit up; though I'm sure I was still dreaming, there before my eyes was the swirl of a star nation and audible sound that was spoken of theory, that which states if ever for any reason, anyone discovers what exactly the universe is, what it's for, and why, it is here it will instantly be replaced by something even more exceedingly inexplicable; and then another that states that this has already happened.


Now regardless of theory, there are such things that are certain, such as there is no surplus of extra pieces in the universe. The universe is all and all is and all are in the universe, so be it and take this in tone, never the less your place that all are at home, everyone "is" and are "all" here within their place to fill, your truth be what is true, in univerSOUL puzzle, all living and being in place among their SOULar system, life lived on earth is among the truth of what is cosmic an astro theology, and is in universal understanding, every person in their representation is what was, and is, and is the modifier of what will be, each must fit themselves into place, while knowing they were never lost or ever at any risk of disregard, we are not all set out as being seen for serving in saving the world, it is not what is in need of being saved, and there is only one place among the universe you can be certain of improving, and that is of yourself, as you be, among the art of being, so may you exceed in your essence that which is essential of existence, wherever and whomever you be, go be love and be it in joy.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay


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