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Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 19, 2012 at 1:30 AM


It's No Delusion That The Illusion Of This Reality Is Made Real When We Understand EVERYTHING IS SOUND, And That You And I Are Of Sound Mind.


I know that religious texts and references can scare people off, so I will say this, what references are made here between the lines are in the representation of the connection that exists among all faiths and not of one religion.


"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God". This profound statement in the New Testament is the ultimate basis for the power of harmonious vibration as a great healing force in the world. The Word is still a mystery but scientists are drawing closer to its reality. In a recent article in The Independent it was reported that scientists have recorded the music of creation using an instrument that can, in effect go back to the origin of creation. They have detected harmonic notes, minute ripples of sound that became the seeds of matter forming stars, galaxies and solar systems. Thus the beginning of our existence was through vibration. The very word 'vibration' begins with the symbol V which, when repeated, actually represents sound waves. That a fundamental vibration created our world is alluded to in Genesis where God created through his voice - "And God said, 'Let there be light and there was light." The simplest definition of creation is 'movement' but not just random movement but vast multi-layered patterns of vibration which physicists would call 'frequencies' or rates of vibration.


What is vibration which when made audible as in music becomes sound? It is the pull of two opposing forces in the universe for without opposites creation runs down. On the one hand is the force we call 'stillness' as found in meditation, for example. Yet however deep this stillness movement can still be detected. On the other is the force that moves outward (as in e-motion) and desires to take action and endlessly create new things. This interplay is the source of all vibration which encompasses both the audible and inaudible worlds.


On this basis every human being is the offspring of the original Word which contains all possibilities. We are riding on the crest of this fundamental vibration and if we could feel its full impact at all times we could be fully realized persons - person = per sonare =through sound. There is a school of Indian philosophy that, in fact, states that the nature of consciousness is pulsation or throb. That is why the sound of AUM given to us by the Hindus and pronounced as OM is such a sacred vibration. It represents the beginning (Alpha) and the end (Omega) and the many (the wide open mouth of O = the universal self) and the one (the closed mouth of M = the individual self). In Latin we have OMnes meaning 'all' and from 'all' we have the sacred sounds of ALLah, ALLeluia and even ALLow.


If the universe is this finely tuned multitude of vibration frequencies, then using the principle of 'as above, so below, each of us is the same. An example of this is the propeller. When at rest we see four individual blades but when it is at full speed we see what looks to be a solid object. So to move to a higher dimension of existence is to vibrate at ever higher frequencies. This is the nature of the universe. Then the essence of sound healing is the re-tuning of the human instrument, correcting at whatever level those frequencies which have become weakened or gone out of tune. This is done on the basis of resonance, be it sympathetic vibrations or the power of forced resonance. Basically, whatever part of us that is ailing can be awakened by harmonious sound sources and remember at what frequency it should be vibrating. This can occur at the physical level (from cells to muscles to organs), the subtle level (changing negative psychology) and the causal level (create permanent positive changes in one's nature).


It is no accident that doctors tell us that we are in 'sound health' or 'of sound mind.' The medical profession is, to some extent, using sound therapy. For example, the application of ultrasound in the treatment of sciatica. At a higher level spiritual teachers initiate people into meditation through the sound of a mantra. Here the creation of vibration works in reverse. First there is the form (the mantra) which then it turns into a wave and finally into a pulse. Same to the creation of bodily form giving shape to living water, the living water a place being of molecular memory, our body of water being formed by sound and made up from every element of the stars, giving your soul self, your light body of consciousness a place to harbor. Understand the elemental body wears down; as all elements do. So you see your elemental body is your garment and we all know garments wear out, it's up to you to take good care of your body to be well as long as you can in this form, for when the elemental body dies the soul self releases it's light body of consciousness weighing 21 grams / 0.0462970751 pounds. In knowing this you come to acknowledge that you do not have a soul... ("you are a soul"), and in this place you have a body.


This world is a beautiful place in which you came to experience this density and create, know that our e-motions set things in motion here and shape our world... so be in joy and take care.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay


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