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Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 25, 2012 at 2:50 PM


My eyes are on you, and my mind marked, and moved to make my mouth speak to all people, though especially to the people who drive around with denial, displaying bumper stickers on their cars that still say remember 9-11... though you are too lazy to investigate. The truth is in the information, it is not that of conspiracy or that of a theorist, it is in the facts available, and we have failed as a nation to acknowlege it, to the point of fear in the facing of our aggressors.


So you still say 9-11 we remember, 9-11 never forget, yet who has pushed for the punishment of the homegrown terrorists, those who funded, and approved the killing of over 3,000 of their own U.S. Citizens in New York, a sacrificial profit, later killing even more of their own U.S. Citizens by suiting them up as soldiers.


Why are these people your leaders? Why do we let them remain free.... free to take more lives and liberties, free to collect their many inflated pay checks, to their many bank accounts, when they are to be held for punishment, without payment... Why are so many men and women getting in line to serve them and their agendas? *Please before serving your country; first learn who your government is serving.


So many service men & women are sent off not in fighting for freedom but to die in mass numbers, and or to kill others and cause fear that stirs up terror and the fighting back of people whom are being shot at and surrounded, all the deaths are adding up to way more then the 3,000 whom originally were killed that day on 9-11, our U.S. Solders some knowing and some unknowingly, have been fighting the wrong people, in the wrong places, and fighting against what we are fighting for. Peace is not won by war, it is won in our resistance to those who wage war.


*Ask yourself who profits from war? ...There in, is the answer to the question and to seeing the trail that leads to the real terrorists.


Know this, men with so little means, who take cover in caves; do not have the bank accounts that drop towers with ability to fund operations with military minded precision... Follow the money trail or how about just following what is obvious... Tower 1, was seen being hit by a plane and fell.... Tower 2 was seen being hit by a plane and fell... (Tower 7 was NOT hit by a plane, and still fell.) *Because all three were precise pre-planned acts of demolition. The government seeing their options as such, that if you're going to stage a false flag terror attack and cover paper trails and all in an effective effort to promote war for more profit; it might as well be placed in their own backyard, having it take place in NYC. Then there is no one to answer to other than the public.



Now ask yourself this question: What was in the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7...??? * Answer: Bank Headquarters, Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Companies, All DOCUMENTS and People GONE, no trace... no trail... and no trial.



When we truly acknowledge, and with do importance, as to what it is we are to truly remember, then we will see together it is up to us to do more then just remember... It is up to us to see and seize the time to investigate, interrogate, and to point out the proper people responsible and hold them accountable.


It is up to you to push for the truth, or else the false authority that stands over you, that which is our failing government, with their sacrificial blood stained hands, their lies will become your reality. When in reality they seek to control you, because you are what in reality holds the power, it is all in your choice, all in what you are willing to accept and for how long, it is up to you to reach the choice point, that you will no longer accept and allow what is not natural law.


Now because we have failed to care enough to see and truly remember, to acknowledge the truth together, to pursue prosperity of all people, and peace in all places, because we have not been brave enough go beyond the concerns of or own homes, in our hiding behind our own four walls and the pacified placement of ribbons and the many remember 9-11 stickers, all stuck to the safety of our own shinny cars.... (Now it is going to happen again!) * More homegrown terror, more innocent lives taken; in a sweep of sacrificial service, serving the needs of a few, those whom you still stand to call your leaders, those in which you still stand in line; to vote for.



PLEASE::::::: See when we realize we do not need the government, and that it is truly the government who needs us, "the people", then we truly can become the home of the free, because we stood up and became the home of the brave, in rising up together against our false leaders, by putting an end to our corrupt and failing government, by no longer allowing their controlled attempts with our acceptance of it, ACCEPT IT NO MORE and we will be free, because they are those who have hindered, and hidden in places, though they have been held up in plain sight, and respected without reason, without right and supported for what we have allowed upon us, and for too long ... it is us all, EACH ONE, with the power of what we allow, and what we have allowed from these false leaders; has been for too long!


Go forward seeing things as this, it is up to you, no one is coming to save you, you are it, we are the ones we have been waiting for, (it is up to you, and me, together.) Go forward no longer thinking and saying God Bless America.... NO! .... *It is for us to say: God Bless The Whole World, that is the mentality of people who truly bring and hold the prosperity, peace and freedom, to the people, for the people, by the people and without prejudice.


Do not go forward thinking what can I do? It's just me, or thinking were just a small group of people... What can we do, what can we really change? *Never doubt the ability of people to come together for change, for it is when we as small groups stand together in making us that which is seen as one large group that real change is brought about. This is what brings change.... In our history it is all that ever has. So Go... Go Now... Go Be The Change In The World... or else you will be changed by the world.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay


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