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Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 26, 2012 at 5:40 PM


Caffeine is a bitter, crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a stimulant drug. In plants, caffeine functions as a defense mechanism. Found in varying quantities in the seeds, leaves and fruit of some plants, caffeine acts as a natural pesticide that paralysis and kills certain insects feeding on the plant. When we as human beings take in caffeine, it causes your heart rate to increase, your pupils to dilate, your muscles to tighten up and dehydrates the body.



Many of us feel like we cannot function without our first cup of coffee in the morning, or maybe it's the soda pop you crave, some people flock to the energy drinks that not only have an overdose of caffeine but also a crazy amount of sugars, but for most it is the addiction to coffee, we feel we must have it! So why do we feel that way? Does the caffeine in the coffee have a physiological effect?



Most people believe that coffee or caffeine products such as soda pop and energy drinks give us energy, wake us up, or can keep us awake with energy, (THIS IS WRONG), very wrong, here are the facts.... When you wake up your nervous system comes about it's wakefulness, in a naturally smooth series among your body structure, that is defined by the presence of a special type of cell, among the elements of your body; this is the neuron (sometimes called "neurone" or "nerve cell"). When you don't let it do it's job NATURALLY, in the action of ingesting a caffeine substance, you are literally SHOCKING YOUR SYSTEM with the caffeine substance, that causes your body to tighten up your muscles, and puts stress on the greatest muscle of your body (THE HEART), by consuming caffeine you've just started the day by immediately stressing out your heart... your nervous system and that is why people notice a surge of what they think is energy, (BUT IT IS NOT), it is a panic from your nervous system trying to fight off the substance you have just ingested that actually strips you of your natural energy, and causes you to crash later, caffeine users know that crash feeling, when your body has fought off all the caffeine and is trying to recuperate.


By consuming caffeine you are actually causing harm to yourself, caffeine causes many health and behavioral problems such as: *Restlessness *Irritability *Anxiety *Headaches *High Blood Pressure *Heartburn *ADHD *Emotional Ups & Downs (bi-polar behavior) and it messes with your hormones, your sleep cycle and even your weight!


Represented in this (art)icle image is Caffeine; the information of the main crystals of caffeine were 400-500 microns long; however, this crystal group formed on the end of the larger crystal and measures around 40 microns in length. This is the magnified image, though it has been magnified it has not been color enhanced or photo shopped. As you can see the caffeine crystalline form is quite beautiful when looked at in the eyes of an art perspective, however it is not a beautiful substance on the subject of living a healthy and happy life. In closing the proof is positive that caffeine is not your friend, it is your foe.



The publishing of this (art)icle is in the effort to inform and help others to make better decisions on the subject of their well being... because if you know better, you do better, and I want you to be well and be in joy.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay


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