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Posted by Tammy Ranay on July 27, 2012 at 1:50 PM



Let go of societies expectations... Relaxation is at the heart of what you are, stress only comes about from a place of what you think you should be... stress takes you away from source, take notice of your organic self, that which is among this elemental skin, that which is the essence, that which acknowledges that you are aware, be sensitive to this place of inner voice, some may call it intuition, your intuitive know how, in which the first voice is the right voice, regardless of what society has told you is acceptable or not; this is how it works, you are not a design made to fit in or to accept anything, you are that which has the capability to create the environment, that which is going to create your own wellness, your own peace, your own happiness, and if that in turn inspires others, to be well and do well, to recognize relaxation is a reality of their form and that stress is the structure of what create disease, then they may recognize then the main character of stress, as found in expectations, and constant reaching for expedition, a condition of not allowing yourself to enjoy the art of being, not accepting what is.


A lot of our stress is only disguised fear, that which is born in believing we have to control all things, to be in control of that which is around us, to be in control of what is within us, that which is so far within you, that you cannot believe that it is you, that which is set out, and is the stepping out, of source, you're soul self, the continual comfort within the cosmos, brought about through your essential existence, knowing that in this place and in all places you do not have a soul, (you are a soul), what you have is a body, an elemental body made up of all elements of the stars, that which has your universal eyes able to look out into the heavens, to see the constant cosmic set reminders, that the marvels and manifestations of heaven are indeed yours, you being that which is in the universe and the universe being that which is within you, making up each manifested molecule of your being; of this body.


When this body of your being disappears within your destinational design, so does your fears, understanding from which fear has arose, fear is of time itself, and time it is a man made manifestation... Putting days to months, and minutes to hours.


*An illusion that can be broken down to three parts:


Time = Fear = Scarcity ... which is only a survival program, though in actuality the true you, in TR(U)TH, is that you are not of time, you are what is truly timeless, a marvel of manifestation, destination and distance, the development of design itself, the essence of what is essential, through the expansion of existence, by the method of manifestation among our e-motions ....please understand.... knowing this, now breathe, let go of societies expectations, and relax, this is a message for the relocation, in your realization, that in reality you are relaxation, it is at the heart of what you are, the calm breath of what you are, what you have been, and what you will be, always. So whomever and wherever you may be, know that you are at home in all places, so just be, and be in joy... as joy is just another three letter word for God.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay


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