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Posted by Tammy Ranay on September 29, 2012 at 2:50 PM


Hang in there, don't speak ill, screaming inside, God don't you love me?!


Don't dare you ever be defeated or doubtful enough to abort the journey.


You see it is simple to begin but God is looking with the greatest of love, for people who will not quit.


Keep going... It is for you to question everything in existence, even yourself, and even if you feel that you are already certain of the answers, be advised to keep going, keep looking, keep living, because so many times in actuality there is more then one correct answer, and it is real that the reality of truth has many tellers, and one son.


The time has never been more perfect to declare life dear, your words having power, speak it right and right now, change your words, and change your life.


Speak no more negative ill in any wonder, or lack of looking to see that God's (G)alactic (O)mnipresent (D)esign is perfect, and each storm comes to you with purpose, it will end right on time, in that time be accountable for your words. Don't waste your words waiting for good to happen, speak joy, and make no mistake that mercy is new every day, profess progress with praise that God's love is lasting, and lifting you up with no lack of new beginnings available to you in your lifetime.


Live this life limitlessly in love, and be in joy, for you are beloved beyond your belief.


I speak it openly and outward to others, I declare that I will finish my course with careful compassion, and in the appreciation of awareness of all things good they do not come without hurt. I am awake and my hope is heralded in being held, acknowledging that Christ's concernment is as the son, yet has shown brighter then any sun in lifting my life, my soul, and setting my spirit free from all that appears along the way of absolution.


In this absolution be my longing, my love to live, however death is not denied to debut along this journey, though it is what it has been before and what it will be again, to die is no more then a (D)etour (I)n (E)xistence. I hold dear to experience and endure my time to this existence, letting you know that as I am what IS in exIStence, so too true are you... Timeless.


Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay


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