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Posted by Tammy Ranay on October 25, 2012 at 11:10 AM



This fall do not fall into sadness. Hold no grim place in your heart, even those whom have had no assigned seat within the church, nor having had a relationship within what it is to be beyond illusion, of what is seen and unseen. Your relation to one another is present in this place. See within yourself the heart of another, sacred hearts are all related, for it is truth that the beat of this heart it is not to be felt and seen merely at the heart of religion. The heart goes beyond the minds comprehension of it's own conciousness connection. It is that within you that is sacred to the very fabric woven within your art of being, so be in joy. For that which has your heart held safe & sound, has so too moved these letters of your 'heart' around for the naming of the world in which you live, that which holds your existence here and now so dear, being that of the very (heart) of existence, the (earth) has been created with no lack of love, nor limitation to your ability to love within it. Do not beLIEve the lie that you are at the edge of this truth, nor that you are going to go past or around this truth. (You are at the heart of this truth) ... You can not drive past the presence of God when you are in the same car. Truth holds you adorned to this eARTh, and this truth is at the heART of each beautiful beat that is constant, comforting, certain, and safe in the sound art of us being here, and in our leaving. The heart of heaven is indeed yours. Don't let sadness take away what IS in your exIStence, that which is at the heart of you, even on your exit, it is within you that you still exISt, as you have, as are, and as you will be, always, and in all ways, changing within this beautiful art of exIStence. To die is just a (D)etour (I)n (E)xistence, and to live is to have (L)ife (I)n (V)ibrational (E)ternity, so please let all sadness see this joy, for joy is just another three letter word for God, and joy is all around you in this beautiful art of being, so go be love and be in joy... Lots of love to you, ♥ Tammy Ranay



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